262MC- Formats Production Blog Task 1

1. Choose 2 formatted programmes (from any country, they don’t have to be UK formats) for this exercise (please don’t use Lecture examples).

  • Work out the “formula” that behind the format.  (Write the running order to help you)
  • Analyse the content – the presentation, contributors, the use of music, (and graphics where applicable) and other effects,  to Consider why the producer has included these elements and how they enhance the programme for the intended audience
  • What in your opinion doesn’t work very well.
  • Now offer at least one idea on how the programme could be improved.
  • Write a conclusion paragraph comparing and contrasting the 2 programmes.


Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Logo

Who wants to be a millionaire?:

Who wants to be a millionaire is a British game show where the contest answers a series of questions each which has a money value and tries to answer them all correctly to get the big prize of £1,000,000. Who wants to be a millionaire falls under the game show format category.

The presentation of the show works together for what it achieves. In the show the contest since 2007 had to answer 12 questions to get to the grand prize money of £1,000,000. There are different elements that go along with the show such as the different lifelines such as; 50/50- which keeps the right answer along with the one wrong one and the contest will then have pick from that. Phone a friend, which allows the contest to phone a friend (who’s number they have given in advance) and have 30 seconds to answer the questions with their friends help. Ask the Audience, where the audience use touchpads provided to answer the question, then it show’s a percentage of what the audience has voted for which answer.

The title sequence (2010) for the program gives you a quick brief summary with what the show is about. It shows the various lifelines that contest can use, it also shows the audience who are watching at home the different money prize they can win after each round.

The use of music and lights on this show is use dramatic effect, when the contests come onto the show they walk on with the theme tune and the lights are synced along with it. Also when Chris PRESENTER is introducing how you play the game dramatic music is played along with it to create some ‘pressure’. When CHRIS says the words lets play who wants to be an millionaire the lights in the studio become more darker. And dramatic music is played when he reads the question out and when they get the question right the upbeat part of the intro music is played. I think this works because it helps create this atmosphere when they are answering the question and also it helps keep the audience enticed wondering if they are going to get it right.

Even though I said it was a good thing I think the music for each questions to create the dramatic effect gets a bit boring after a while because it is quiet repetitive.

I think a way that the programme could be improved do different spin off to broaden their audience demographic. What I mean is have different versions such as a children’s version but obviously the money side would need to be well thought out because you can’t really give an 8 years £1,000,000


Britain’s Got Talent Logo

Britain’s Got Talent:

Britain’s got talent is a talent show in which the prize for winning is to perform in front of the Queen or another member of the royal family at the Royal Variety Show and a cash prize of £250,000.

The format of the show is in about 4 stages. The first stage of the show is the audition period; this is where the contestants show off their various talents to the judges. These auditions take place all over the country in cities such like London, Liverpool, and Birmingham and many more. Also in this part of the show the Judges have two sets of buzzers – the red on which shows the person who auditioning that the don’t like their doing. And then there’s the golden buzzer, which gives the person an automatic space into the semi final. Ant and Dec the presenters of the show can also use the golden buzzer.

The next stage of the show is the Judges decision. This is when they need to decide the 40 acts that are going to go through the live semi finals.

The third stage is the semi finals, through Monday to Friday the 40 acts perform there various acts and then leave their fates into and the 10 contestants from the 5 days have their final performance to find out who the winner of Britain’s got talent.

The title sequence fits well with the theme of the show. The title sequence that I found is from 2011, showing different landmarks from around Britain and different performance being projected on the landmarks. The music on this show is mostly use as background noise, for when contestants are walking on the show or when they want to create some kind of suspense before an advert break of what is coming up next on the show.

There isn’t anything I don’t think works on the show. I think the show has gotten better in the last 10 years and with all it various spin offs/variations of the show. I think they should make a variation of show where they should get the best from all over the world and get them to compete for the ultimate prize.

Who wants to be a millionaire and Britain’s got talents are two shows that are very different in what there about but equal both have the same prize, e.g. money and fame (from becoming a millionaire or performing in front of the royal family). The shows are similar in how they use music to create suspense or to change the mood of the show. From watching the shows I do like how who wants to be a millionaire uses lightning too.


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