262 Formats Production – Blog Task 2


  1. Choose an existing TV or RADIO format (can be from any country).
  • Watch or listen to the format minute-by-minute to work out the elements that make up the programme
  • Write the running order for it (not the script, you don’t need to include the words). See the template on Moodle.
  • Look at the running order you’ve produced and think about the following:
  • the length of the introduction
  • the links used to keep the programme moving
  • the length of each programme segment (or “items”)
  • any other interesting elements

Write a paragraph summing up what “techniques” have been used to make the format entertaining for the intended audience.


Running Order of Mock The Week S15EP9


TV Format TV Show – Mock The Week Series 15 Episode 9

The length of the introduction is a good length it last 21 seconds and in that Dara O Briain introduces both teams and the members on the team. I think the rounds are good because it different because it comedians giving a funny answer to what is happening in the world on different topics but also giving a serious response to what is happened or happening.

Even though I do like the format of Mock The Week I do personally feel that some of the rounds do drag on just a little especially round 1. However they break it up talking about other things that are relatable about what’s happening in the round or something about the contestants.

To make this format more entertaining I would of added a bit of some break between the rounds. Since the programme is the on BBC they don’t have advert breaks, so they break up is a bit harder. But from watching this episode of Mock The Week


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