Varsity Wars- A reflection Blog Task 5

I think what makes Varsity Wars unique programme is that it’s something to have on during pre drinks, which is so well known worldwide. Pre drinks is something that so many university students partake in before a night out and we thought why not make a programme to intertwine with it. Also another selling point to Varsity Wars is that it takes on rivalries that different universities, we had the idea that this is can be a show that travels up and down the country to different universities e.g. the episode which we filmed we used Coventry University and Warwick University, and this can be easily adapted/ applied to other universities.

I think overall certain elements worked really well and others didn’t. I think the graphics worked really well for the show. I’m not being biased because I made them but I think there was a clear running theme among the graphics, and through making these I have broadened my knowledge on using after effects.

I think the presenters of our show worked well. When doing the programme live they worked well and interacted well with the contestants and I think this is something that helped move the show along and kept the flow of things when there happened to be awkward situations. I think as a team we all worked well. We listened to everyone’s ideas and we bounced of each other when were being creative.

I think something that could have been improved would be some of the rounds- well one in particular. On paper the innuendo bingo was a good idea, but on the actual day when we filmed it live it didn’t work. I think looking back something that we should of done was have a backup plan e.g. have another round that is quick and easy to fit in. Another thing that I wish we mentioned would be the whole concept of the show being interactive such as I think one idea was that there would be this kind of drinking game for the audience to play along with while at home. I think this would have been really good because were making a pre-drink so it would be getting the audience ‘into the spirit’ to go out. One TV show that has a drinking game is game of thrones – I know this isn’t a format television programme but its similar to we would want. I think one reason why this didn’t lift off was because this is university television show we could really promote drinking.

I think I’ve mentioned this before about how the show can be transferable. We would take it around to other rival universities for example University of Nottingham and Nottingham Trent. I think this is something that could work because most universities have rivals and that is something that will never die out and can easily be adapted worldwide too. For me I think this television show would be played on channels such as E4, MTV UK and ITV 2. I think these are two channels that are for younger people who reach are target demographic.

My professional progress

My role in the TV studio was graphic designer. I think I developed a lot of skills from being in this role such as I learnt how to use after effects without using a template. For example for the first glitch effect that I made which was the title transition I made it with out a template and use the actual tools to help me make it. I now feel confident that if I were asked to make someone something using after effects I would happily do it. I also developed my designing skills- making the logo for the actual show, making the lower thirds, picking a font that worked well with the show.My unique contribution to the show was mostly graphics and coming up with overall glitch theme that was used on everything that you saw such as the scores, lower thirds etc.I think if I had the opportunity to do this again I would try push myself to create something better.


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