Campfire Chronicles – Blog post 7

Campfire Chronicles telling murder mysteries from the dark eerie woods. A podcast with a difference.

The duration of the show would be 5-7 minutes long. The genre of the podcast/radio show would be thriller and the theme of the show is murder mystery. Our intended audience would ideally be people born in the millennial years 1982 to the year 2000. When we first started thinking about our radio show we drew a picture of our ideal target audience.

A preferred broadcasting platform

Temp Running order

Running Order:

Fire crackling, wind blowing, eerie intro music.

Brief Introduction – improvised chit-chat regarding this weeks show but also referencing shows in the previous weeks. Setting up the scene for the main tale.

1 minute ^

Creepy Murder Story (1) – 2 to 3 minutes – All three members interrupting, scared and asking questions.

Conclusion – Concluding the story. Answering any questions. Setting up next weeks show. – 1 to 2 minutes.

Ending –- Start a new story(random) and then finish off with the eerie music,-

Full Script for Campfire Chronicles

Fire crackling – wind blowing – owl hooting

 AbbeyThe tents are pitched…

Theo – The stars are out…

Abbey – The wood fire is burning…

Theo – I hope you have your marshmallows at the ready because it’s time for, Campfire Chronicles.


Theo – Yes welcome to you all, it’s great to have you back. Now before we begin, I must say that last weeks show managed to cause a bit of stir amongst our listeners as it had a lot of them on the edge of their seats so this week we thought we’d go one further and attempt to topple you from your seats completely.

Abbey – Well we have an email here from (name) stating that not only could she not stop listening to the show last week but as a result, she suffered an horrendous nights sleep.

Theo – Yeah The Coventry strangler story was possibly one of our greatest yet but I do reckon I’ve got something tonight that’s gonna blow that story completely out of the water. By the way, if you do have any opinions or even spooky stories to share, please do get in touch with us on social media. You can Tweet us using the hashtag campfirechronicles or post a comment on our Facebook page.

Abbey – We should also mention that today’s fellow camper is a local Coventry conspiracy theorist (name) here to give their verdict on todays spooky murder mystery.

GUEST – Hello (eg.)

Theo – Right guys it’s time to lock your doors, make yourself comfortable, and have a nice hot chocolate on standby because this weeks story will freak. You. Out.

Faint eerie music plays throughout.

(Possible light rain sound effects, cars passing)

Reenactment –

999 – 999, what’s your emergency?

Man – Hi there, I think I’ve discovered a dead body just off the A444 in Coventry

999 – Sorry, did you say you think you’ve just discovered a body?

Man – Yes just off the A444.

999 – Ok. Are you still near the body, sir?

Man – Yes

999 – Ok well as long as you are in no distress we’d like you to stay there is that OK, sir? Police will be with you shortly? From where you’re standing can you describe the state of the body to me?

Man – Erm, it’s been stripped and I think there’s marks across the neck, maybe a slit mark or something. I can’t really see from here.

Theo – On the morning of Monday the 12th September 1994, the naked body of 39 year old Carol Wardell was discovered by a passing motorist on an embankment on Weddington Road in the Warwickshire countryside.

(possible door knocking sound effect, struggling sound effect, somebody tied up)

Theo – Following the disturbing discovery, detectives travelled to Carol Wardell’s address and found her husband, Gordon Wardell, bound, gagged and in a worrying state of distress. Staff at The Woolwich building society in Nuneaton, where Carol Wardell worked, had also contacted police to report that they couldn’t enter the building because she had failed to show for work. Staff also reported that the branch appeared to have been ransacked.

Theo – Gordon Wardell had explained to police that he had returned home on Sunday night to find a man wearing a clown’s mask and holding his wife at knifepoint in the living room. This would be the last time he was saw his wife alive. Gordon claimed he was knocked unconscious by the intruder, drugged and then awoke a few hours later bound and gagged on the living room floor.

To Studio – So guys what do we think so far? Weird?

(informal chit-chat regarding the case)

Abbey – So how did this story conclude?

Theo – Well, early during the investigation, police suspected that Wardell’s story was not all that it seemed. During reconstruction of the night before the murder, Wardell had visited a pub in Coventry called The Brooklands, but staff nor customers remembered seeing his face.

Also, the manner in which Wardell had been found didn’t make sense to investigators. Wardell described being attacked by two men approaching him from the side immediately after entering his home but officers noticed that there wasn’t enough space near the door for two men to stand or hide.

Wardell stated that he had been made unconscious by a drug administered via cloth that had been placed over his face. The drug had left him unconscious for several hours until police arrived the following morning. However, experts had stated that there wasn’t a drug that could be administered this way that would sedate Wardell for any more than a few minutes. A drug could possibly have been injected but would have required significant medical knowledge and wouldn’t have lasted for more than a couple of hours.





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