Campfire Chronicles- Blog post 8

I feel that Campfire Chronicles is a unique take on a podcast series. I think that it’s unique selling point is that it’s set around a different environment other than a radio studio, and it plays on the idea of telling ghost stories around the campfire, which is something that a lot of people enjoy.

Things that I think worked was us a group, we came together quickly and came up with an idea, and how we wanted it sound and look like. The idea of being around the campfire worked because it meant we can tell lots of different stories and forever changing just like you do when you go camping. I think it also helps give that laid back, informal feel to the podcast and I feel this really works with the target audience we are trying to approach.

Another thing that I thought worked well was the presenters we used. They were calm when discussing the topic and they clearly had chemistry with each other, which worked equally as well because if we had presenters who didn’t get on with each other it would of changed the dynamic/feel of the radio show/podcast.

The script was a big element of our radio show and I feel that our scriptwriter was good and bringing the show to life. I know for a fact that it was the person’s first time writing a script for a radio show but I feel that they accomplished it.

I think I’ve mentioned this before but I think our target audience will enjoy this podcast because of it uniqueness. The show isn’t some old men sitting around telling stories but its young people using a mixture of story telling and reenactments to keep them more enticed. I also like the element of using music when the actually story is being told. I got this idea from watching scream the TV series.

I felt like if we found the right music to go along with the story telling it would help move it along and create another layer to the show and something that can be easily adapted into other episodes.

I feel there were a couple of downsides to our radio show and I think they were mostly down to the sound effects we used to create the campfire setting. This was mostly due to the limited time we had to find them. If we were to do this again I would definitely try more authentic sounds. I also think another downside was the recording process’ it was a little rushed and this was massive due to the fact that as group though we worked well we had other modules that conflicted with each other.

As an editor I feel that I did my best. Editing sound is sometimes hard especially when you’re working with three different people’s voices. I think that was one problem that I faced was trying to make all the sounds gel well with each other. We wanted the campfire sounds to authentic, like you are actually there camping. I think this is something that is down to me as the editor I could of possibly found better wood fire burning sound or even create our own.



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