The Portfolio – 260mc

1.Photographing the face:

The outline of the task was to create a one minute long portrait, with no sound.

In a portrait, you have room to have a point of view. The image may not be literally what’s going on, but it’s representative.

– Annie Leibovitz

In this task I originally came up with a number of ideas that I wanted to do.My responsibility within this task was to film, edit and to come up with an overall idea. I knew that I wanted to create something that had some kind of message hidden within it but not a message, which is hard to read.

The first idea that I wanted to do was film one person but film them in two different outfits – a traditional Indian outfit and everyday ‘normal’ clothes to show that we sometimes as people portray one person to everyone to make them happy and then you have the person you want to be but you cant actually show.

The second idea that I had was to film my actor doing an activity in private. The activity we filmed him doing was meditation. I thought using meditation because it such a still activity where you let everything around you pause. I recorded the sound of the meditation such as the humming sound but because the of the requirements for this piece was that it wasn’t aloud any sound I wasn’t able to use it.

When I started to film my final idea, I had to rethink what I wanted to film due to one of the obstructions was that it had to be single shot. I originally wanted to film the first idea, which was to show people portraying various versions of themselves to people. So I started filming Ash and I thought let’s just set up the camera and we’ll just talk to each other. I decided to film him on him sitting on his bed because this is his own environment where he should feel comfortable. When we filmed we set up the camera and just started recording. One thing that I found difficult during this task that I couldn’t control was the lighting. The bed was next to the window and the lighting kept changing through the filming session. We (me and the actor) filmed about 5 minutes of him in the first ‘outfit’. I then asked him to change into his traditional Indian dress. I then filmed him in the same place, trying to exactly the same as before. We came across the same lighting issue as before. When it came to editing the piece this is where I came across a bit more problems. These were mostly due to my editing skills. I wanted to try creating the spilt screen of the actor portraying himself in the two different ways, but I realised that didn’t have the skills to do this I did research how but because I filmed the actor more on the left side on the lower thirds instead of the centre it was hard to ‘split’. I then came across the lighting issue when trying to edit the two pieces together because they I filmed at different points of the day. This also didn’t help when I was colour creating because I was either making it too yellow or too blue, when trying to put the two pieces together. I did try making the clips black and white but I thought that this took away from what I was trying to show, because I felt that colour helped create another meaning especially with the traditional Indian suit. I finally decided to use the first five minutes I filmed with Ash can cut it down to the one minute that I enjoyed watching the most. I then proceed to colour correct a little just to balance out some of the harsh lighting from the sun.

When showing this piece of work to my peers that responded positivity to it. They said that you could really see the Ash personality from when he was talking to me. You could tell what kind of person he was just by watching the one-minute. The only criticism I got was that my colour correction was a bit to harsh at some points and I explained what happened but I feel if I was to film this again I would change certain settings such as I would close the blinds or even film when the sun has gone down.


  1. Soundscape


The soundscape task was something I thought would be an easy task. This was the 6th task we were given. My first train of thought was to find a poem that brought a lot of meaning to me. I first wanted to do a poem on depression. O started to look for the poem that I wrote myself for my final major project.

However I couldn’t pick just one part of the poem since it was about two minutes long and all the poem links with each other. So I started looking around on the Internet for a poem but I couldn’t anything that I like, I think it was just me being really picky about finding a good poem that I gelled with. I then started watching a video on Youtube during a break and then I came across the poem from 10 Things I Hate About You. Now this is one of my favourite films.

So started off by recording me reading the poem I did a couple of various recording, I did one where I was reading it normally, I did another recording where I was really sad and the final recording I did angrily. I then started looking for music to go in the background and then came across of a recording my dad did for me. The music was very soothing so this helped me decided to use the recording where I sounded sad when I was reading the poem because it well with the music. I then needed to come up some more original sounds to go alongside with the poem and then I just started banging on the silver pole on my bed and it stated to make a nice sound, but then this is when I heard another sound near my window, it was a the wooden part of my blinds hitting against my cactus plant on my window sill so I decided to recorded the sound. I then started editing the soundscape. I started by adding the clicking sound; I put it on a loop so it played throughout the whole track. I then used the music from my dad playing a put that on a really low level so it didn’t take away from me reading the poem. I then decided to end the soundscape ­­­­­on the clicking sound so it went full circle. When we had feedback from my peers on this piece someone said that the clicking sound made the poem sound more intimate sound, especially because it’s a poem about hate/love. I remember someone saying that it was good that I read the poem how I did because in the poem I’m listing all things I hate about someone that I reveal in the end I love. Another feedback comment that I can remember was that I should maybe end on something different other the clicking sound such as maybe the plant pot breaking at the end. I think doing that would create a different meaning.

Looking back on this task I think I did achieve everything that I was looking to do. I wanted to create a piece that made people fell something, and I did it made people feel the same emotion that I felt when I was reading it, it’s someone who is scared to love. I think with this piece I didn’t come among many challenges other than trying to find a poem that I connected with. I learnt that the smallest of sounds create such a powerful presence, and they way you speak can create a different meaning, for example if I did use the recording of me angry it would the feeling of the poem being more about hate and not love.


  1. The Remake

For the remake I decided to do task 2. I decided to remake this because the first attempt I did I feel that that I didn’t but any effort into the editing or colour correction of the work.

In my making a relationship I decided to use my flat mates. I got the inspiration to use them from watching them interact with each other in the kitchen. I love watching how people interact with each other because you can tell so much about a person just by looking at their body language.

Technical feats that I had when filming this were that I couldn’t really think of a storyline when filming so I filmed them from different angles, while they were doing there own thing.

Body language is a very powerful tool. We had body language before we had speech, and apparently, 80% of what you understand in a conversation is read through the body, not the words.
Deborah Bull

I think this quote reflects well with the piece, because one of the requirements said that we could only use that was created when filming. However I took the decision to completely cut the sound because I thought that as a piece not having the sound made it a little bit better, but I reckon if I kept the sound and made it possibly more scripted I might have something to work with.

The reason I decided to re edit this piece is because I felt like the first time I did I rushed and I didn’t properly colour correct or have a thoughtful process to the editing. So with this tie I took the original edit and played around with it to make up something new. I then went to colour correct. I used RGB curves to colour correct, I wanted to create a happy feel so I decided to put a pin layer on top the videos. I also played around with brightness and contrast to create a brighter feel to the over all making a relationship video.

For this project I didn’t really do any background research. because there were no historical context to fall back on for my making relationship task. I filmed something I feel represents who my flat mates are and something that I am proud of.

Hopefully you can see with my remake that I took my time with editing and trying to make some kind of story with what I filmed. However the one thing I thought I wanted to do different is not really force a storyline onto my flat mates. I wanted it to be a natural, so I didn’t tell my flat mates that I already started filming and I kept it natural. They were in the own habitat/ natural environment being normal and not putting on a façade.

I feel if I were to ‘remake my remake’ I would try something different. I would possibly try making a storyline and trying to script it and add some kind of dialogue to go along with it. Another thing I would do possible change the shots a little more I think I did well with the moving camera shots but they felt quite forced. What I mean by feeling forced is that I did them because I wanted to experiment with different camera movements other than the same old still shots that most people do. I think a challenge I felt when filming this task was trying to make it look somewhat interesting to watch

  1. Cinematic Short film

We had to create a 4-6 minute short film for our cinematography task. My responsibility I feel was helping generate an idea for the short film and to helping with sound when filming.

To start of we looked at the image we were given and started to play around with ideas and we really wanted to do something along the lines of a torture/kidnapping. So as a group we started to play round with these ideas. Other ideas that came into play included the whole idea of having a character with schizophrenia. However as a group we felt that we wanted to go along with the torture/social experiment idea. We started to research a big more about conversion therapy, and what it was all about.


After we decided on this idea we started to research more about the painter Guillermo Meza and found out that he painted things that were against the norm of the society he was in. So this is what we wanted to do for out short film, we wanted to pick on a topic of something that happens in today’s society that goes against the norm.

We also wanted our short film to go along with the themes and various interests that the painter Guillermo Meza used for inspiration. The interests (historical and cultural) that Meza used within his paintings included;

  • Dadaism – this is a form of artistic anarchy. It comes from the disgust for the social, political and cultural values of the time. So for Meza that would have been the 50’s and 60’s mostly.
  • Surrealism – by definition is ‘a 20th-century avant-garde movement in art and literature which sought to release the creative potential of the unconscious mind, for example by the irrational juxtaposition of images.’

From looking at Guillermo Meza pictures you can definitely see that surrealism played a big role in what he was creating for other people. On doing more research on Meza we discovered that he created painting that went along certain themes such as;

  • Religion
  • Fantasy
  • Myth

We also looked different film’s that featured torture scenes. One film as a group we were inspired by was A Clockwork Orange by Stanley Kubrick. In this scene the character Alex DeLarge is being made to watch video while being injected. The videos that he’s made to watch range from violent rape scenes to genocide during the holocaust. This experiment is called Aversion Therapy. This is an idea that we played with when we filmed our own idea.


Another film we found inspiration from was Matilda, in the scene where her father forces her to watch TV.

We then took the steps to make our project. The first thing we tried to tackle was coming up an overall storyline for our short film. We put all the research together and decided that we wanted to find two actors to play the part of the priest and the boy. I think next time when I do find myself doing another project I want try stronger actors.

Looking at the project overall I think we made good cinematic decisions, on the other hand I would like to change a few things. I think one of the big problems we had was trying to find a suitable location. We as a group had two main locations in mind for our short film, one being a church which took quite a while to find but when we eventually found one and what we filmed there I’m really proud of. However our other location for the torture scene I wasn’t really happy with and if we were to film it again I would try harder to find a better location. The director of photography Dana Gonzales of Fargo the Television series explains that locations we pick play a big role just as much as the characters do, I feel next time I film something I will remember how much importance location has and how much of a role it can play.




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