Short Film:Production Diary – WEEK ONE

Short film – The Birthday Card

10th Jan

This week we selected our groups for our short film module; My group consists of:
Producer – Danieyl Beckford
Director – Farai Mbudaya
Assistant Dir – Joshua Solomon
Sound mixer/designer – Nikola Avramov
Cinematographer – Abbey Foster
Cinematographer – Georgi Kiradzhiev
Editor/Script supervisor – Dinesh Thapa
Gaffer (Lighting) – Skyler Shen
Camera Operator – Jermaine Malcolm
Production designer – Jeremie Moludi
We met as a group after our lecture and decided to read through all the scripts and decided which one we like the most. The majority of us all like The Birthday Card by Alexandra Thomas. The next thing we wanted to do was try to get into contact with the writer so we could discuss their vision for the what she wanted. So I started to email her

When then had another meeting to figure out what roles which are insert above. We then tried to plan out our time and when we would like to film and possibly filming locations. We also in this meeting tried to come up with a budget and other ways we can come up with some money.


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